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Murray Exchange Club to Recognize Abuse Victims

On Tuesday, March 17, the Murray City Council will designate April 2015 as the Prevention of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Month.

Murray Artist Donates Paintings to City Hall

“I’ve never had a request like that before,” Eyre said. “I was thrilled that someone from our community was willing to do this and donate it. It is typical of the charitable kindness of the people who live here.”

‘Grande Dame of Murray’ Passes Away

“Arlette paved the way for the arts and history programs in Murray, providing the foundation that allowed these programs to grow,” Murray Cultural Arts Director Mary Ann Kirk said.

Is Murray Fiber The Answer To UTOPIA?

Mayor Ted Eyre had hoped that by the end of his first year as mayor, he would have been instrumental in finding a solution to the beleaguered and divisive fiber-optic network, UTOPIA. He’s hoping he only missed that deadline by a few weeks.

Mayor Calls Murray a ‘City Without Equal’

In his State of the City address, presented on Jan. 20 during a city council meeting, Mayor Ted Eyre described 2014 as, “One of the most rewarding and memorable years of my life.”

Fire Department Honored for Fast Response Time

It takes a team to save a life. For the last three years, every person treated at Intermountain Medical Center for an emergency heart condition has received life-saving procedures within the national standard of 90 minutes. In fact, the average time at Intermountain is just under one hour.

Cottonwood High Wrestlers Fielding Small But Strong Team

“It’s very, very tough to have such a small team,” assistant coach Tom Ollis said. “It’s typical to start with a lot of wrestlers initially, but as they see the commitment and work that is required for this sport, many drop off. There is simply no halfway in wrestling.”

Cottonwood High Boys Program Led By New Coach

“I’m excited to be here and feel really good about our opportunities here,” Graziano said. “I love basketball and my association with the kids I coach. I want the kids to be able to look back and say they had a good, positive experience.”

Cottonwood Girls Basketball Team Progressing

“We’re doing pretty good,” said head coach Janae Hirschi, who is in her seventh year. “I’m proud of our kids and pretty happy with where we’re at.”

Murray Junior High, High School Students Share Talents On Stage

“Kokonut Island” tells the story about how, after a hurricane destroys a tropical island, students are encouraged to pay tuition and enroll at the high school to try to raise money to save the island from being taken away by insurance representatives, Riverview Parent-Teacher Association coordinator Traci Black said.


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