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There are some terrific things to do around town, we'll share some of them here and remember you can add events to our calendar.

Internationally Renowned One-Man Band Coming to Murray

In Todd Green’s original poem “Cultural Rebirth,” he writes, “Look beyond our shores/To the music of this earth/ It’ll broaden our horizons/For a cultural rebirth.”

Heritage Center: Schedule of Events

#10 East 6150 South

Learning The Value Of Trash To Treasure

Dumpster diving was our weekend activity. I’m not really sure if it was legal or not to harvest their treasures, but they were out in the open, ready to give whatever one might be on the hunt for. Unsellable items from craft, auto and home improvement stores beckoned anyone willing to take the plunge.

Multitasking Myth

I’m terribly efficient. That doesn’t mean I’m efficient. It means I’m terrible at being efficient. I always imagined myself to be a high-functioning multitasker but only recently learned that’s not possible.

Hit The High Seas With Desert Star’s Pirate Parody

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Desert Star Playhouse sets sail with “Pirates of the Scaribbean: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Fun!”

Sandy Arts Guild announces Auditions For Disney’s ‘Peter Pan Jr.’

Auditions for the Sandy Arts Guild’s production of Disney’s “Peter Pan Jr.” will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 20, and Wednesday, Jan. 21, from 7-9 p.m. at the Learning Circle Dance Studio, 8685 South 2000 East, Sandy.

Take Two Aspirin

For Christmas, I asked Santa for the deluxe edition Fisher-Price doctor kit. Now I can set my own bones, remove any suspicious lumps with a melon baller, and unless I’m leaking blood from my armpits, I can avoid medical offices and expensive procedures for a while.

Rockin’ Around the Real Christmas Tree

Now that we’re empty nesters, my husband has tentatively suggested that we destroy Christmas.

Making Holiday Memories: Nine Creative and Frugal Traditions

Holiday traditions invoke wonderful and playful memories of childhood and help bond us to those we love.

Heritage Center Senior Center: Events Schedule

10 East 6150 South


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