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Murray Journal

Via Feng Shui

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3754 Grassy Meadow Dr
South Jordan, UT 84009

(801) 573-1163

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Ultimate Responsibility Lies Within

You understand that Feng Shui is not psychological or medical in nature and does not replace the treatment of a professional doctor or therapist.

The information presented during your consultation is both ever-evolving research and experiment. The Feng Shui Practitioner makes no claims nor takes responsibility for the end results of any methods, practices, or subjects presented during your consultation. It is provided in the spirit of sharing, giving, receiving, and ultimately discovery of the wonders that we create and co-create. The information is also for the purpose of thought and discovery of the many possibilities that assist each of us in consciously liberating and manifesting energy that results in a happy and healthy life. Thus, each participant is responsible ultimately and totally to himself or herself as to any information learned or provided at this consultation.

Please use this information wisely and give thanks daily to your higher-self, and personal creator for the opportunities that you have been afforded.