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Boy Scout Paints Map For Viewmont Elementary Students

Nov 06, 2014 12:39PM ● By Julie Slama

With the help of family and friends, Caden Seiter, 15, painted a map of the United States on Viewmont’s playground for his Boy Scout Eagle project. Photo courtesy of Amy Seiter

A Riverview Junior High student decided that for his Boy Scout Eagle project he would give back to Viewmont, his elementary school.

After contacting Viewmont Principal Margaret Young and Murray School District Maintenance Supervisor Rod Pace,  Caden Seiter, 15, took stencils and paint Oct. 11 to Viewmont’s playground to paint a map of the U. S. He was joined by a 35-member crew of family, friends and fellow Scouts.

“I looked at lots of ideas and thought a map of the United States painted on the playground would help kids learn the states,” Caden said. “I like history and remember that I had to know all the states and capitols.”

Young said students begin studying the states in fifth grade, and often when she is outside, students quiz her.

“Before school the other day, they were quizzing me pretty hard, asking me what state I was standing by,” Young said.

Caden said his siblings and their friends have practiced states on the new map. He provided Viewmont teachers with games that were supplied in the kit with the eight-sheet stencil kit.

By December, Caden plans to have his Eagle paperwork completed, but he can still work on merit badges.

“There are awesome people in Scouting who are doing great things and are willing to work hard to make a difference in a community. Once I earn my Eagle, I can be with others who have completed theirs in the Eagle Nest at a Court of Honor (ceremony), and be able to help others,” he said.