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Mayor's Message

Nov 06, 2014 01:08PM ● By Murray Mayor Ted Eyre
 The upcoming holiday season may give many of us time to reflect on the importance of our families. Time to make new memories with those surrounding us, but possibly time to think of those who are missed because of various other reasons. For many, an empty chair at a holiday celebration may represent an empty spot for someone who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms and luxuries we sometimes take for granted.

Recently we had the opportunity to celebrate Veterans Day, to pause as a nation to honor our military heroes who have sacrificed their lives for us in the defense of our freedoms. Possibly you take moments to thank those you see in military uniform for the sacrifices and services they provide when going about your day-to-day travels as well. Everyone has choices in their lives, our military personnel have chosen the ultimate – to protect our freedoms.

As the techniques and tactics of those trying to destroy America and our freedoms become more strategic and methodical, my gratitude grows deeper, and I think our country becomes more united and patriotic. Mere words are never enough to thank those who have sacrificed, but by becoming better people and committing to valuing the things they have fought for can display our sincere appreciation. How can we truly show appreciation other than showing genuine respect?

Every day I receive compliments from Murray City citizens about the employees we have and the great services they provide. Many of these employees represent our City by wearing uniforms too, different than those who protect our freedoms, but many are the first responders to the emergencies and dangers in our city. Sometimes it might be a minor incident, but many are life-threatening situations for our citizens. These employees have also made decisions to face peril as they put themselves at the forefront to protect our safety. I try to pass on the praises I receive, but I know I don’t do it as often as I would like to. 

Since November is known as the month of Thanksgiving and expressing gratitude, a big thank you to all our military personnel and to our Murray City employees. I’ve almost been in office for a year, and I know our City has some of the finest employees in our State. When I attend meetings, I can feel the respect that other Mayors have for our City. When I have the opportunity to represent our City at public meetings or gatherings, I am honored to represent employees who take their jobs seriously and work hard to improve the quality of life for Murray City citizens. 

I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you will take a few moments to thank those who provide our freedom and security. We can be grateful for living here and enjoying all our City has to offer. I am certainly thankful for you as a Murray City citizen.


Ted Eyre, Mayor