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Murray Journal

Mayor's Message

Jan 16, 2015 11:25AM ● By Murray Mayor Ted Eyre
 Most cities throughout the country have created a slogan or nickname that describes their community in a very few words. We are familiar with many of these: “The Big Apple” – New York City, “City of Angels” – Los Angeles or “Mile High City” – Denver. Even a smaller community such as Albany, New York is known as the “Cradle of the Union.”

The slogan that has been used in our city over the past few years is “There is More to Murray.” This is found on banners, promotional materials and other forms of media. It makes the statement that Murray has more to offer its residents in many ways. However, to me, it leaves open the question of what those things might be.

Before I knew this was the unofficial slogan of our city, and throughout the time I was campaigning and as I have continued in this office, I have often referred to Murray as “A City Without Equal.” This is not meant to be an egotistical statement, but is a recognition of the many unique qualities that combine to make Murray a very distinctive community. 

We take a great deal of pride in the fact that our city is very independent and self-reliant. With our own power, water, police and fire departments, we have, in many ways, controlled the direction and future of our city. This, combined with our own library, school system, senior center and park facilities, makes us truly unique in so many positive ways. Beyond the city government functions, we also have beautiful neighborhoods, convenient access to transportation, wonderful shopping choices and world-class medical facilities.

With all those qualities there are two additional assets that truly set us apart. The first of those is our residents. We have many multi-generational families, and families that have chosen to live here because they appreciate all those qualities that come together in this community. They make up the continuing character that Murray has become known for. The other equally important aspect is the city employees that maintain this heritage day after day. I have the opportunity to witness this dedication in every department and at every level.

I look forward to a New Year and the opportunity to work with residents and employees to make our city even better. With all the aspects we have going in our favor, we can work through the challenges and opportunities we are faced with because Murray truly is “A City Without Equal.”