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Ski & Snowboard News / Skiing is great

Feb 19, 2015 07:38AM ● By Harriet Wallis

Feb 19 photo: Harriet Wallis

Ignore the rumors. There is good snow for skiing at the resorts. No bare spots. No slush. Total coverage.Although it's not the depth of snow we're used to, the skiing is very good.

I ski mostly at Brighton in Big Cottonwood Canyon and Alta in Little Cottonwood Canyon because those resorts are close to home. Yesterday I went to Deer Valley and the snow there was excellent also.

It's hard to believe that skiing is good when there is no snow in our yards. What's worse, a local TV station anchor person wrinkled up his nose and said that skiing is over. He obviously hasn't been up to the resorts.

Yes we need snow. The run-off is our drinking water. We need more snow to offset the ongoing drought.

While we're used to skiing on deep, cushy snow, there is nothing wrong with the snow that's there. The snow groomers are doing an excellent job. But if you're waiting for the perfect snow storm you might miss winter altogether.