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Murray Journal

U.S. Representative Mia Love Honors Academic Excellence At Murray High

Aug 04, 2015 09:52AM ● By Bryan Scott

Utah congresswoman Mia Love met with Murray High School seniors to recognize their academic achievements.

By Julie Slama

On May 26, about 90 Murray High School students shook hands with their fourth congressional district representative, Mia Love, as she honored the high school seniors who achieved academic excellence.

“There are just under 2,000 high school seniors in the fourth district who achieved a 3.8 grade-point average or higher throughout their entire high school career,” Love said. 

Achieving academic excellence is a significant accomplishment, she said. She earned the distinction in high school, but said she never received recognition from her congressional representative.

“It takes dedication and hard work. I don’t want that excellence to go unnoticed,” she said.

At every high school in her district, Love presented or sent certificates of special congressional recognition for academic excellence to graduating seniors.

“I’m an advocate for students and want to give them the best opportunity to succeed and get into colleges. Getting a 3.8 and above is hard work. It’s something these students earned and I’m proud of them,” she said.

Her effort to acknowledge students didn’t go unnoticed. Principal John Goldhardt said it was a nice honor for students who do well academically.

“It sends a strong message to our students that it does matter if you work hard, if you put the effort to be successful,” he said. “It gives them a big impression that people are already noticing their accomplishments.”

Murray High senior Lauren Finlinson appreciated the assembly with Love.

“It was a really unique experience to get this award directly from the hands of a congresswoman,” Lauren said. “It was especially exciting for me to hear from a woman in politics, showing me how she was putting her education to use. I’ve loved studying government and politics this year, and getting to hear from my representative in such an intimate setting really made it hit home that she was doing something that I could do too if I wanted.” 

Her classmate, Max Adams, said that it was an important honor to receive Love’s certificate. 

“She took the time to recognize the importance of academics in public schools and to advocate to improve education in Utah, and that sends a strong message to us,” he said.