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Murray Journal

Mayor’s Message

Aug 04, 2015 10:09AM ● By Bryan Scott

Mayor Ted Eyre

As I’ve been driving around Murray, I’ve noticed many additional markings and signs to our roads, as I’m sure you have. As part of our effort to encourage non-vehicular transportation, Murray City has added the installation of almost 10 miles of new bike routes on Vine and Winchester Streets. The Vine Street Bike Lane Project begins at the Murray Central Trax/Front Runner station and provides for bike lanes in the eastbound/westbound directions to 900 East. This new route provides a safer cross-city route for cyclists and connects Murray Park, the central business district and public transit. The Winchester Street Bike Lane Project was a Utah Transit Authority (UTA) funded project that provides bike lanes from 1300 West to State Street. The Winchester Street bike lanes connect the Jordan River Trail and Fashion Place Mall to the Winchester transit station. Other bike lanes will be added as road improvements are made. 

To incorporate the bike lanes, as well as maintain access and parking, Murray City applied national standards in developing the layout of the new bike routes. In general, users of the road will find two distinct signing and striping layouts; bike lanes and shared bike routes.

Bike lanes are signed by a black and white “BIKE LANE” sign. This signifies that a dedicated bike-only lane is provided. In some cases the bike lane may allow for parking in the shoulder between the lane and the curb. In others, where the bike lane is the only shoulder space, parking is not permitted in the bike lane. 

“Sharrows,” or shared-bike-routes, are signed with black and yellow warning signs containing a bicycle and sign stating “SHARE THE ROAD” and/or a black and white “MAY USE FULL LANE” sign with a bicycle symbol. The roadway marking, as also shown in the photo, contains a bicycle and two chevrons. These signs and markings indicate a warning to road users that both motorists and cyclists are supposed to share the lane. This marking is placed in the center of the road on streets that don’t have enough space for a dedicated bike lane. This is an alternative to bike lanes where roadway widths do not provide the space to include separate bike lanes. 

As always, when using our streets, please be cautious and aware of those driving, walking or riding bikes. We do not want these signs to create a false sense of security for either those on bicycles or driving cars. We constantly need to be watchful and alert and show respect for all. I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying what Murray has to offer.