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Viewmont Elementary Students Take Leadership Role

Sep 14, 2015 11:47AM ● By Bryan Scott

Viewmont Elementary student leaders discuss motto possibilities. Photo courtesy of Viewmont Elementary

By Julie Slama

Fifteen Viewmont Elementary students gave up a couple hours of their summer break to meet with Principal Missy Hamilton to discuss what it means to be a Viewmont Eagle.

“We wanted them to identify with the school and create a motto and feel for their school, to have pride in it,” Hamilton, who is new to Viewmont this school year, said.

In August, the students examined the school’s eagle mascot and decided their eagle should represent themselves, be notable and full of pride. It shouldn’t be comical or scary, Hamilton said.

“They wanted a realistic eagle that shows they’re distinguished leaders and stand-up citizens. That will translate into positive behavior and how to behave not only in the classrooms, but in the hallways, at assemblies and on the playground,” she said. 

The students also created an acronym from the word “eagle” to help guide the student body to success this year. The code will be recited with the morning announcements.

The “e” in eagle stands for “effort,” the “a” is for “acceptance,” “g” reminds students of their “goals,” the “l” is for “leaders,” the second “e” stands for “excellence,” and the “s” represents “stand up,” such as standing up for what is right.

The student leaders also plan to role play each letter at an opening school assembly, showing students appropriate behavior and building school spirit.

All students will have a chance to vote on a new school motto that the group brainstormed. They include: “We are Viewmont Elementary and you’re gonna see me soar;” “Viewmont Elementary: Just Do It;” “We are Viewmont Elementary and we can’t hide that eagle pride;” “Viewmont Eagles Fly High” and “Viewmont Elementary Eagles Ascending to Excellence.”

“We want to capture the idea of eagles and their pride, how we can band together and create a family. We want us all to be on the same page, moving forward as a community whether our efforts are in reading, math, sports, testing or wherever. We’re a fantastic school and we need to put our energy and effort into everything we do,” Hamilton said.