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Ski & Snowboard News / Brighton's Bone Zone

Oct 29, 2015 05:10PM ● By Harriet Wallis

photo credit: Brighton

Known for its radical terrain parks, Brighton goes one step further. It has created a totally natural terrain park of fallen logs and rough timber – the way terrain parks used to be. Until now, such terrain parks have sprung up in the woods off Guardsman Pass and they had a huge underground following of terrain park addicts.

“We had been creating parks in the woods for years during the pre-season," said Alex Andrews and Ted Borland, Utah snowboard pros. " Since Brighton is our favorite place to ride, it was a perfect fit to bring the Bone Zone there.”

Jared Winkler, Brighton's PR and marketing director, has a different spin on it. A lot of athletes come to the mountain after it snows but before the mountain opens, he said. They'd move many of our terrain park features from where they're stored and drag them out onto the hill to use them. But that would ultimately slow down the process of opening the mountain.  "We feel this is a great alternative that makes everyone happy,” he said.

The BoneZone is located in Brighton’s beginner area known as Explorer. Riders can walk up the hill and use the rough hewn park until the resort opens. After that the features will be moved.