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Viewmont Students Embrace Song

Nov 12, 2015 01:13PM ● By Julie Slama

By Julie Slama

 Just one week into the new school year, Viewmont Elementary students can be found humming along to a Katy Perry song — sort of.

Social worker Cherran Zullo and music teacher Becca Spjute teamed up to rewrite the lyrics of “Roar” and renamed the song to “Soar” so it will embrace the school’s new code.

 After some students examined the school’s eagle mascot this summer, they created an acronym from the word “eagle” to lead them into success.  As a student body, they voted on a motto, which will guide them to success, and every day, Principal Missy Hamilton greets students on the intercom with, “we are Viewmont Elementary, you are a champion!” to which the students respond, “And you’re gonna see me soar!”

As part of their school identity, Zullo and Spjute changed the lyrics of Katy Perry’s hit to emphasize positive behaviors.  Their song begins with, “I used to goof around and hold my breath; Talk out loud a lot and make a mess …”  Later in the song, the students sing, “I’ve got the eye of an eagle, a learner, working toward my future; ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna see me soar.”

The new lyrics also talk about regaining teachers’ trust, building up friends and learning skills that will help them live.

The words were written Aug. 25, and three days later, the student leadership team presented them and a skit at a school assembly. 

“It was amazing.  After they sang it, we put up the words at an assembly and the whole auditorium sang and there was so much energy.  Some of the students already have the new words memorized and are singing them,” Zullo said.

Spjute will teach students in each classroom the song, which will help unite the students.

“We wanted it to be catchy so students will remember it, and in turn remember to do the right thing.  These things are helping to create a fun, new positive school climate,” Zullo said.