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I Float Sensations

Jul 06, 2016 09:50AM ● By Bryan Scott

A new relaxation and muscle recovery therapy is floating into the Ogden area. Sensory deprivation pods filled with water and high levels of magnesium have professional athletes like Steph Curry, his teammates and other members of the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, and Chicago Cubs jumping right in.

The relaxation benefits being offered at iFloat Sensations in South Ogden are not just for athletes either. The tanks are being filled with anyone hoping to clear their head and practice mindfulness techniques to relieve stress. Floating is a great reprieve from the constant stimulus we received day in and day out. We go from computer to iPod, to cell phone, to children, to driving and on and on it goes. We don’t give our brain a rest and we wonder why we feel stressed, fatigued, anxious, and can’t sleep at night. 

Floatation therapy starts with a large ‘float pod’ about the size of a small car. In the pod, there are 160 gallons of water and nearly a thousand pounds of Epsom salt. In the bottom of the pod is a heating mesh that keeps the temperature of the 10” deep water to 93.8 degrees, the same temperature as your skin. The pod has a light switch and a music switch the floater turns off once comfortable. With the light and sound off and the water kept at skin temperature, all of the stimulus is turned off going to the brain. You don’t hear, see, feel, smell, or taste anything. This lowered stimulus environment results in the floater being able to slip into a deep state of relaxation. The floater emerges from their session feeling relaxed, energized, rejuvenated, with—if they are a pain sufferer—reduced pain and an increased sense of well-being. 

After an hour, they emerge feeling physically and mentally renewed. The high concentration of Epsom salt reduces inflammation, swelling, gets rid of lactic acid, detoxifies the lymphatic system, increases blood flow and can actually stimulate natural endorphins. All this results in a deep feeling of peace calm and well-being that can last for days after. Floatation therapy, when practiced on a regular basis has long been used to reduce stress, anxiety, and even PTSD.

“No matter how many years you float, each float session is different,” says Keith Guetschow, owner of i-Float Sensations. “Floating is a practice and the more you practice the better you get at it and the more benefits you get from it.”

Keith first floated 26 years ago in Sydney, Australia. The experience was so profound for both Keith and his wife that he decided to open i-Float Sensations 24 years later. i-Float Sensations has two float pods, each located in its own private room. The float rooms—named the ‘Green Room’ and the ‘Dream Room’—are themed, locked, sound-proof and light-proof, each having its own private shower. Everything needed for a session is provided: towels, earplugs, shampoo, and body wash. All the floater needs to do is show up.

i-Float Sensations has been operating just over two years, located  in South Ogden at 1490 East 5600 South, Suite 2. Stop by to experience floatation therapy yourself. Visit their website at to learn more.