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Funky Junk

Jul 15, 2016 09:09AM ● By Bryan Scott

Funky Junk is a fun, eclectic, decor, furniture, one of a kinds and fabulous finds shop. They are hands on business with new charm, as well as a vintage flare!! They offer fabulous quality on up cycled furniture as well as new furniture. All items are handpicked, handcrafted and made with love!! They have classes each month with monthly sign ups. Their classroom area will hold 20 people per class! Class schedules and sign ups are posted in store as well as social media.  Classes will include the kits and everything you will need to complete a take home project or item.   They offer an array of craft classes, quilting, sewing projects, simple refinishing and many more classes to choose from!! F

Funky Junk is brand new store opened May 20th they are quite unique you will not find another shop like them. They are a creative cooperative with 7 small businesses rolled into one store. Every person that fills a spot in the store owns and operates their own business. Funky Junks top priority is the customer and they pride themselves on personalizing your shopping experience. Most of the people at Funky Junk like to have Fun and when you stop in to their store they want you to have fun and leave with a smile. They want you to walk down memory lane and create new memories for years to come. The employees and people at Funky Junk really have a lot of passion for what they do.

The shop is never the same the furnishings and decor change constantly with new items coming in everyday. They have a great mix of new, vintage and antiques. As they link to say it “We update the old to compliment the new.” This is a true local ma and pa type place to shop! If you are looking for a place to shop local this is the place.  

The Two owners Dawn Rowberry & Amber Tolbert of Funky Junk quit their full times jobs to follow their passion and open this business together. Dawn said “Living the dream.... Our group puts the fun in FUNKY!! We are as eclectic as our wares.”

The businesses you will find in Funky Junk are as follows Garden Of 8's. They specialize in offering high quality vintage merchandise and one of a kinds.  Mantiques that specializes in rusty gold, vintage and highly unique items. Cozy Place to Sit which specializes in upholstery and upholstered furnishings and sells anything eclectic. Hen House is another fabulous vendor and their expertise is in tabletop finishes and beautiful furniture pieces, and gifts galore. Silly Heart which specializes in farmhouse decor, beautiful handcrafted signs and fun finds. Magical Star has the most luxurious bath and body product handmade from the finest ingredients.  Your lips and skin will thank you!!  Then there is Funky Junk they specialize in furniture and decor with color!! Lots of color! They sell both new items and one of a kinds fabulous finds.

Funky Junk is located at 1664 West 9000 South right next to Village Baker!!  Open Monday thru Thursday 10- 8 Friday and Saturday 10-9 closed Sunday. Stop in and say hi, and see the fun that is Funky Junk.