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SKAGGS Catholic Center, Draper Utah

Sep 08, 2016 03:56PM ● By Bryan Scott

Submitted by Nevah Stevenson, Director of Advancement for Saint John the Baptist Catholic Schools

In 1999, the Skaggs Catholic Center in Draper opened its doors and a community was born.  The 57-acre campus is the gift and legacy of visionary benefactor Sam Skaggs and the dedicated school administrators who helped design and shepherd the project from conception to completion.  Home to Juan Diego Catholic High School, Saint John the Baptist Catholic Middle School, Saint John the Baptist Catholic Elementary, Guardian Angel Daycare and St. John the Baptist Parish, some 2000 students, faculty, staff and toddlers move through the various facilities on campus each school day.

The three schools offer a unique education model; strong academics, a commitment to service, and a nurturing of faith, the threads of which are woven through every discipline. Each school operates independently, but benefits from some shared facilities and more importantly, a shared mission. They each serve to educate the whole child through challenging academics, rooted in Catholic values.   

What makes Juan Diego unique?  Community. Learning.  Faith Development.

The school presents multiple opportunities to be immersed in service to the community.  Dynamic collaboration between faculty, students, parents and the surrounding community, inspires a love of learning. Theological studies in the Catholic tradition help to promote a universal understanding of faith.   

Juan Diego students aspire in great numbers to higher education.  52% of seniors earn more than 593 concurrent college credits annually.  A total of 43 science research students have interned with the University of Utah and IHC. 97% of graduates pursue higher education; with 86% attending four-year colleges and universities.   

Check out life at Juan Diego Catholic High School: 


Saint John the Baptist Catholic Middle School.  Join us for the middle years…

Saint John the Baptist Catholic Middle School is building lifelong learners.  With that comes the expectation that students will become responsible citizens and effective communicators and be of service to those in need. The middle years offer a unique opportunity to guide students in directions that will spark curiosity and expose newfound interests. STREAM disciplines present multiple ways to engage 6th-8th grade students.  Whether they are drawn to Accelerated Physics and Math or find their footing in Language Arts and creative writing, students are learning how to learn.  With 40 diverse electives to round out academics, there is something to inspire every child.


Saint John the Baptist Elementary. “ I am because we are.”  

Those words will echo through the halls throughout the 2016-2017 academic year.  It is the school-wide theme. It models teamwork and it is a key Catholic principle. With this year’s theme, each child will come to understand what it means to be part of a whole. 

The curriculum includes Spanish, Art, Computer, Music and Physical Education in addition to the core academic curriculum.  Students become well versed in technology and put their skills to use in creative ways throughout the year. 

The sense of community that embodies the Skaggs Catholic Center begins at Saint John the Baptist Elementary.  It is evident in the service project each grade takes on. It thrives in the hearts of the hundreds of generous parents who volunteer and serve in countless ways both on campus and off.  As elementary students learn to embrace this year’s school theme, most in the greater Skaggs Catholic Center community already know that indeed, I am because we are.


The Skaggs Catholic Center is located at 300 East 11800 South in Draper.

For more information or to schedule a tour:

Juan Diego Catholic High School                              801.984.7650 

Saint John the Baptist Catholic Middle School       801.984.7614 

Saint John the Baptist Elementary                            801.984.7108