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Murray residents invited to have a say in Parks and Recreation Plan

May 02, 2019 02:29PM ● By Shaun Delliskave

Murray City is seeking public input into its Parks and Rec programs, such as the Murray Park Center. (Photo courtesy Murray Parks and Recreation Department)

By Shaun Delliskave | [email protected]

Would you like to see racquetball courts added to the Park Center? How about connecting the Jordan River Parkway with the Canal Trail? Or maybe you’d like the city bring back a jet-plane slippery slide to Murray Park (ask a longtime Murray resident about that). If you have an idea for the Murray City Parks and Recreation Department, then Parks and Rec Director Kim Sorenson wants to hear from you.

Murray City is updating its Parks and Recreation Master Plan to identify ways to improve, enhance and invest in parks, recreation facilities, trails, cultural arts programs and events over the next 10 years. The Parks and Rec Department is inviting the community to take part in an online survey to update the plan. The department uses the plan to guide itself with community priorities concerning parks, recreation and cultural experiences for all residents.

According to Sorenson, “A master plan is a critical component for the development of future parks, facilities, programs, trails, leagues and services the city offers. The plan sets policy for the Murray City Parks and Recreation Department. The Master Plan was last completed in 1995; the city has either accomplished goals set by the Plan or they are now outdated.”

The Master Plan process is guided by two advisory groups and public input, which will inform all phases of plan development. The community’s information will be cross-checked through technical analysis, and needs will be assessed—both will support the development of the vision, goals, strategies and actions required to implement priority projects. The completion of the updated Master Plan is anticipated by winter 2019/2020.

“It is important to include elected officials, city staff, facility users and the public in forming the Master Plan,” said Sorenson. “We need to understand what Murray residents believe is working well, what could be improved and what they want out of parks and recreation in the future.”

The Parks and Recreation Department has purview over more than the parks and Park Center. The expansive department includes cultural arts, including the Murray Park Amphitheatre and art shows. The Murray Senior Center’s overview is within the department as well as the Murray Museum, Murray Cemetery and the trail systems. The Murray Theatre, Murray Mansion, Murray Chapel and Armory properties are also overseen by the department. 

Sorensen noted, “Murray City’s parks, facilities, trails and golf course are heavily used, and our arts and recreation programs are very popular with all ages in the community. We know some of our amenities and facilities need improvements, and others need to be expanded to meet the future needs of our residents. We are excited to update our Parks and Recreation Master Plan since community priorities and recreation trends have changed a lot since 1994. It’s important that Murray citizens voice their opinion through the survey. Citizen involvement will give us direction for future funding, programming, improvements and additions. This will help assure our success for many generations.”    

The community survey is the first of several opportunities to participate in developing the Master Plan.  A community workshop will be held in June, and interactive information booths will be located at city events throughout the summer. Public comments will be combined with findings from technical analyses to create a draft Master Plan next winter, which will be finalized after residents, stakeholders and elected officials have an opportunity to review all recommendations.

“In 2018, our Park Center sold 6,000 memberships and saw 42,306 event attendees. More than 11,710 people participated in our recreation programs, and our outdoor pool had more than 37,000 admissions,” said Mayor Blair Camp. “We know our community loves our parks and programs, and we need as many residents as possible to share their ideas and shape the future of parks, recreation and arts in Murray.”  

The Murray Parks and Recreation Master Plan survey can be found online here at