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Murray Legislators announce bills for general session

Jan 30, 2020 12:11PM ● By Shaun Delliskave

The halls of the Utah State Capitol are now filled with people including Murray area legislators. (Photo courtesy State of Utah)

By Shaun Delliskave | [email protected]

Murray area legislators met for the 2020 General Session of the State Legislature on Jan. 27. The following is a summation, at press time, of Murray’s representatives’ and senators’ 22 bills that were numbered, meaning ready to be considered in the legislature. Legislators can still add bills to the docket throughout the session.

Rep. Andrew Stoddard

HB 115 DANGEROUS WEAPON CUSTODIAN LIABILITY provides for circumstances under which a firearm custodian can be liable for damage caused by another individual's use of the firearm custodian's firearm; and provides for a defense to an action brought under the statute.

H.B. 83 EXPUNGEMENT AMENDMENTS require a prosecutor to notify a victim of an expungement request (sealing of criminal conviction records) for a plea in abeyance; requires a court to make specific findings when granting an expungement for a plea in abeyance.

HB 113 CONSUMER SALES PRACTICES AMENDMENTS prohibit a person from using the name of a financial institution in a targeted solicitation without the express written consent of the financial institution; establishes certain requirements and standards regarding the use of targeted solicitations; and provides that a person who offers a targeted solicitation in violation of this bill commits a deceptive act or practice under the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act, administered and enforced by the Division of Consumer Protection.

H.J.R. 8 RESOLUTION TO AMEND JOINT RULES – REQUESTING. This resolution changes the last day on which a legislator may file a Request for Legislation to noon of the first day of the general session;     changes the date on which a legislator shall either approve a Request for Legislation for numbering or abandon the request to noon of the first day of the general session; and changes the third priority bill request deadline to the Tuesday immediately preceding the first day of the annual general session.

Rep. Mark Wheatley

H.B. 140 EMPLOYMENT SELECTION PROCEDURES ACT prohibits an employer from seeking information regarding an applicant's employment history from certain persons; gives the Labor Commission's Division of Antidiscrimination and Labor enforcement power; permits an aggrieved individual to file a request for agency action; permits either party to appeal an order made under the Employment Selection Procedures Act; provides for the Labor Commission to obtain representation on any appeal or to enforce any judgment of an order made under the Employment Selection Procedures Act.

Rep. Carol Spackman Moss

H.B. 101 DISTRACTED DRIVER AMENDMENTS defines terms related to the operation of handheld wireless communication devices; prohibits certain uses of a handheld wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway; provides limited exceptions to the prohibition on the use of a handheld wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway; amends penalties for a violation.

HB 108 MEDICAL SPECIALISTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS defines terms; and permits a local education agency to adopt a separate salary schedule or separate salary schedules for employees who provide certain special education related medical services in a school-based setting.

Rep. Karen Kwan 

H.B. 119 CHILD CARE AMENDMENTS modify provisions relating to the Department of Health's ability to access the Licensing Information System, maintained by the Department of Human Services, for purposes of a background check of an individual associated with a childcare facility, program, or provider.

H.J.R. 7 JOINT RESOLUTION RATIFYING AN AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION this resolution ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Rep. Marie Poulson has no numbered bills.

Sen. Gene Davis

S.B. 35 CIRCUIT BREAKER AMENDMENTS modify the qualifications for circuit breaker tax relief (a tax credit for homeowners and mobile homeowners who meet certain income and resident qualifications); changes the consumer price index used to adjust annual income qualifications.

Sen. Kathleen Riebe

SB 21 Education Amendments removes language requiring a teacher to submit an annual application for a salary supplement; removes a requirement in the Educational Improvement Opportunities Outside of the Regular School Day Grant Program that matching funds be private; amends a definition regarding a waiver of immunity related to sexual battery and sexual assault against a student under certain conditions; and makes technical and conforming changes.

SB 31 SAFETY INSPECTIONS ON SECONDHAND VEHICLES requires a used motor vehicle dealer to subject a motor vehicle to a safety inspection before issuing a temporary permit.

Sen. Jani Iwamoto

SB0013 Native American Legislative Liaison Committee Amendments to increase the committee's membership.

SB0014 Tribal Leaders Description Amendments amends the tribal leaders with which the Division of Indian Affairs is to coordinate meetings.

SB0022 American Indian-Alaska Native Related Amendments requires the establishment of an office on American Indian-Alaska Native health issues with the liaison as administrative head.

SB0026 Water Banking Amendments authorizes the Board of Water Resources, the state engineer, and the Division of Water Resources to implement water banking; enacts the Water Banking Act, including: defining terms; outlining the objectives of a water right banking system; providing the scope of the chapter; addressing assistance by the Division of Water Resources; outlining how statutory water banks are established and amended.  

Water banking facilitates the voluntary temporary transfer of the use of water from one user to another. Water banking maintains the private property interests of the water rights involved in a bank, while also promoting the State’s interest in having the public’s water put to the most beneficial uses.

SB0042 Ballot Security Amendments requires an election officer to provide a means of covering a voter's signature on an affidavit to ensure that the signature for a ballot is not visible during mailing.

SB0046 Domestic Violence Amendments increases the penalty for the offense of commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child.

SB0047 Public Document Signature Classification classifies as a protected record signatures on a political petition, on a request to withdraw a signature from a political petition, and on other documents relating to elections.

SB0048 Corrections Officer Certification Pilot EXTENSION extends the sunset date for the Corrections Officer Certification Pilot Program to 2027.

SJR001 Joint Resolution Supporting Coordination of Care for Older Adults Receiving Home Health Care Services expresses support for programs that seek to coordinate transition of care for older adults and other patient populations receiving home health care services.

SJR002 Joint Resolution Encouraging Action to Reduce the Number of Utah Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels highlights the pediatric health risks resulting from exposure to lead, the potential for early screening and testing to result in successful avoidance and interventions, and encourages screening and testing of Utah children.

The status of bills can be tracked online at