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Murray’s Fun Days are back, along with firework restrictions

Jun 28, 2021 10:13AM ● By Shaun Delliskave

A 1997 Murray Fun Days parade entry promoting Promised Valley Playhouse. (Photo courtesy of Murray Museum)

By Shaun Delliskave | [email protected]

Murray City’s annual Fun Days is back after taking sick leave last year. City officials announced that Fun Days this year would happen July 3, the day before Independence Day. While the return of the parade, music, and games is good news, the extreme drought has brought restrictions against July’s notable tradition—fireworks.

“Murray Fun Days will be much the same way this year as every year, with the exception of the breakfast. Due to COVID, we were not able to get the materials needed to finish pavilion No. 5, which is where the breakfast is located. This year we will have some of the food trucks start selling early. The chuckwagon breakfast will be back next year,” Murray City Cultural Arts Manager Lori Edmunds said.

Grand Marshals for the parade this year will be the City’s fire and police first responders and healthcare workers from Intermountain Medical Center. The parade will start at 8:30 a.m. at Fashion Place Mall, proceed down State Street, and travel to Vine Street, ending at Murray Park. “At present, our lineup is smaller so far this year, but we hope to be at capacity by the time of the parade,” Edmunds said.

The daytime entertainment will include musical reviews from Murray Amphitheater’s July and August musicals, “Shrek” and “Newsies.” Murray Park events include a puppet show with giant puppets, a superhero versus villain battle, and a band called The Flashback Brothers, which will play ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s music. The evening’s concert will feature High Society, a high-energy party cover band.

According to Edmunds, “We also will have our annual chalk art contest, the 5K, volleyball, food trucks, car show, the Sunrise Service and, new this year, a strider bike (a no-pedal bicycle) race. Of course, finishing off the day will be fantastic fireworks.”

On the topic of fireworks this year, the Murray City Fire Department strongly encourages everyone, because of the drought, to carry on fireworks traditions by viewing the big show at Murray Park, rather than with personal fireworks at home.

“Come and enjoy the Murray City fireworks display at Murray Park on July 3. We have a spectacular show planned for Murray Fun Days. Our ability to host this event comes from our amazing firefighters that provide the safety we require to host such an event,” Murray City Fire Department Assistant Chief Joey Mittelman said.

Another reason to see the fireworks at the park is if your home sits in a firework restriction zone. Murray has a permanent fireworks restriction in some areas that are adjacent to open space. The three most notable restricted areas include the Jordan River Parkway, Murray Park and Wheeler Farm. A detailed map can be found at

Still, if you are going to launch your own show, the Murray FD reminds you that Utah is a controlled fireworks state, which means that only approved fireworks can be sold and used in Utah.

“Please avoid purchasing fireworks from another state and bringing them into Utah,” Mittelman said. “Our desert state and dry climate are oftentimes more susceptible to fire than in surrounding states. This year I would also avoid aerial fireworks in areas that have open fields, dry grass, and other related items. A small falling firework ember from the sky is one of the most common causes of our field fires.” 

Murray FD advises you not to get creative with your multi-colored arsenal in order to avoid going to the hospital. 

“One of the most dangerous things you can do is modify fireworks or attempt to use them in a way they were not designed. Each year paramedics respond to accidents that could have been avoided by following the manufacturer’s instructions and proper use,” Mittelman said.