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Attorney Devin Quackenbush helps families work through legal issues with kindness and empathy

Feb 25, 2022 08:40AM ● By Peri Kinder

Devin Quackenbush is no stranger to divorce. After going through his own marriage break-up in Alaska, Devin moved to Utah and started Quackenbush Legal in 2014, to help people going through similar situations. 

“I decided to focus on family law, having been through a divorce myself, and going through all those issues,” Devin says. “If it’s not done right, it can be financially devastating and emotionally devastating. It can be really traumatic.”

Located in Murray at 480 E Winchester Street, Suite 200, Quackenbush Legal specializes in divorce, custody, trusts, wills, estate planning and more. While some married couples might not need an attorney, and use the easy divorce process through the Utah court system, other couples need a professional to navigate the intricacies of separation and divorce.

“If there are custody issues, support issues, like alimony or child support, or assets that need to be distributed, that the partners don’t agree on, that’s when you give me a call. Family law protects the family.”

When it comes to estate planning, Devin created a three-step process to help clients sort out guardianships, power of attorney, financial accounts and beneficiary designations.

The first step is a meeting between Devin and the clients for a general discussion about services. Once clients identify their needs, they are sent home with a packet to fill out, covering different scenarios. Who will be in charge of bank accounts if something happens? Who will take care of the kids and the estate? 

On the third step, documents are created and the clients have a signing ceremony to make everything final and legal. It usually takes less than two months to get all family estate solutions ironed out. Plus, every year, Quackenbush Legal does a free review to update information, beneficiaries and accounts.

“Guardianship for minors is something most people don’t think about,” Devin says. “People don’t really think about what's going to happen if a parent passes away. If there isn’t direction through a trust or a will, it is really difficult.”

Devin attended Creighton University Law School in Nebraska with the intention of working as an attorney for the FBI. When that career was detoured, he started practicing law in 2010 with a judicial clerkship position near Palmer, Alaska, and later worked in Anchorage.

Staying on top of laws affecting wills , trusts, and estate issues can be tough, but Quackenbush Legal has systems in place to adjust quickly. Once a new bill is signed into law, adjustments are implemented into form documents at the law office within 24 hours.

Devin works with two associates and another associate is taking the bar exam soon. He also has five paralegals to make sure everything is created and filed correctly. Quackenbush Legal has a small-firm feel with the experience and dedication of a large law firm. Devin wants his business to make your life easier. For more information, visit