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The Barber’s Den is a nostalgic break from overwhelm and disconnection

Mar 28, 2022 12:03PM ● By Peri Kinder

The first thing you notice about The Barber’s Den is the welcoming atmosphere. The next thing you notice is a sense of nostalgia and community. But it’s after you get a quality cut, shave or beard trim that you realize this wasn’t just a haircut, it was an experience. 

Aaron Cary owns The Barber’s Den in Sandy (8045 S 700 E, #8) and his shop is everything he hoped it would be when he opened more than three years ago. Located in a small, renovated basement area, customers find their way to the shop for a great haircut and authentic relationships.

“I’ve learned from past generations that knowledge is king,” Aaron says. “I want to build a community. People always do better when they have people around them.”

Men are drawn to The Barber’s Den, not simply for haircuts, but for the interaction with other men in a safe and friendly environment. Aaron is dedicated to the nostalgic barbershop as a way to reconnect with a smile, a handshake, and genuine conversation.

Services are provided by Aaron and his associate Natalie Kleinman, and appointments can be easily booked online at Popular services include a straight razor shave, beard trims, neck shaves, and kids’ cuts. Both Aaron and Natalie trained under the legendary master barber Tim Hite at The Barber School in Midvale.

“This location has been a hidden gem,” Aaron says. “It’s been worth it to open the doors just because of the people that have come in. I had a customer come in who said, ‘I feel like I just came home.’”

With a steady stream of customers, and some oldies tunes playing in the background, The Barber’s Den is a labor of love for Aaron. He and his wife, Amy, and their four children, are Sandy residents and dedicated to creating their best life. 

“I give people a whole hour of my time because a 30-minute appointment isn’t long enough,” he says. “Barbering was something I chose to do. I educate men on how to get a shave. I educate men on how to get a haircut. All I do for eight hours is make friends and catch up. I’m creating a business that sets an example for my kids.”

Although Aaron loves his current location, he has chosen to move just a few blocks away to 8400 South 700 East and will open the new location of The Barber’s Den on Friday, April 1.

You can follow The Barber’s Den on Instagram @TheBarbersDenInSandy or read the five-star Google and Yelp reviews to get firsthand accounts from customers. 

“I don’t know how to help you if you’re looking for an easy fix in this download-based society. It’s not my niche,” Aaron says. “But I can provide someone with a chair and I can provide someone with an environment they want to be in. I create a lot of value one-on-one.”