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Murray legislators announce bills for 2023 general legislative session

Feb 03, 2023 10:31AM ● By Shaun Delliskave

Murray legislators at the Utah State Capitol started the session off with 20 bills. (Photo courtesy Utah State Capitol)

Murray's representative and state senators convened for the 2023 General Session of the State Legislature on Jan. 17. The following is a summation of Murray's legislators' 20 numbered bills on opening day, meaning they were ready to be considered before the legislative branch. Legislators can still add bills to the docket throughout the session.

Sen. Stephanie Pitcher

S.B. 15 Juvenile Offender Penalty Amendments bill addresses the sentencing of a juvenile offender for the conviction of certain sexual offenses.

S.B. 43 Public Notice Requirements bill creates classifications for types of public notices where each requires notice to be provided in specific ways and amends public notice provisions to implement the new classification system.

S.B. 66 Criminal Citation Dismissals bill requires that a court dismiss the charges contained in a citation that the prosecuting attorney certifies was issued in error.

S.B. 67 Juvenile Commitment Amendments changes provisions regarding extending a juvenile offender's term of secure care.

S.B. 68 Restricted Person Possession Amendments amends offenses related to a restricted person possessing a dangerous weapon, including ammunition.

S.B. 69 Firearm Identification Amendments make possession of a firearm on which the identifying marks have been altered or removed a crime.

S.B. 70 Victim Amendments updates provisions related to the address confidentiality program for victims.

S.B. 72 Child Abuse Requirement's bill provides that the clergy exemption for the required reporting of child abuse or neglect does not apply if a clergy member has reason to believe that abuse or neglect is ongoing or is likely to occur again. It requires a member of the clergy to report information about child abuse or neglect if the clergy member discloses the information to a third party in certain circumstances.

S.B. 73 Gratuity Amendments allow a tipped employee to participate in a tip-sharing arrangement with another employee who is not a tipped employee under certain circumstances.

S.B. 80 Driver's License Suspension and Revocation Amendment permits a court to shorten the driver's license suspension or revocation period for an individual convicted of driving under the influence violation if the individual participates in or completes specific problem-solving court programs.

Sen. Nate Blouin

Newly elected Sen. Blouin had no numbered bills posted as of the start of the session. However, Blouin has stated that he may present a bill to support Gov. Spenser Cox's proposal to provide free public transit.

Rep. Gay Lynn Bennion

H.B. 27 Drug Possession Penalty Amendment modifies the definition of a restricted person possessing a dangerous weapon and a controlled substance. It reduces the penalty, in certain circumstances, for a restricted person in possession of marijuana.

H.B. 95 Noise Pollution Amendments bill requires vehicles subject to an emissions inspection to be inspected for compliance with noise suppression equipment requirements. It also requires proof of the inspection as a condition of registration.

Rep. Bennion told KUER that her bill "would not require police to chase down vehicles with a decibel meter. Instead, when a vehicle goes in for an emissions inspection in Cache, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake or Utah counties, it would be checked to see if the muffler has been modified. If it has, the owner can't register the vehicle until it's fixed."

H.B. 141 Driver License Test Amendments allow the Driver License Division to begin administering specific examinations in languages other than English, subject to availability. 

Rep. Carol Spackman Moss

H.B. 189 International Baccalaureate Program bill removes language limiting the state board's allocation of funds toward the International Baccalaureate program to align with other early college programs.

Rep. Andrew Stoddard

H.B. 29 Mental Health Support and Law Enforcement Co-response bill establishes a grant program administered by the Division of Integrated Healthcare to fund an appropriate response to an individual experiencing a mental health crisis through new or expanded crisis intervention or mobile crisis outreach teams.

It provides that the Division shall certify the teams, looking to national models for input. Also, it requires the teams to create or expand through the program to work in partnership to implement or enhance a local crisis response model and system.  

H.B. 89 Gun Safety Amendments bill creates a waiting period between the purchase of a firearm from a dealer and the delivery of the firearm to the purchaser and makes exceptions to the waiting period.

H.B. 97 Government Records Access Amendments modifies the definition of "record" and enacts a definition of "personal electronic device" for the Government Records Access and Management Act.

This will provide a process for searching the personal electronic device of an officer or employee of a governmental entity for records that are responsive to a record request. Also, it will provide criminal penalties for an officer or employee who refuses to conduct a search or submits a false sworn declaration. It also modifies a provision allowing a governmental entity to impose disciplinary action against an employee.

H.B. 98 Process Server Amendments allow certain special function officers to serve court documents when the use of force is authorized or when a breach of the peace is imminent or likely.

H.B. 156 Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry and Child Abuse Offender Registry Administration Amendments move the administration of the Sex and Kidnap Registry and the Child Abuse Offender Registry from the Department of Corrections to the Department of Public Safety.

H.B. 158 Electronic Information or Data Privacy Act Modifications provides that law enforcement may obtain a specific category of electronic information or data with a subpoena under certain conditions. In addition, it amends notification provisions after a search warrant has been executed.

HCR 1 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Discussion about Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse resolution encourages discussion about ways in which Utah's government, communities, and residents can prevent child sexual abuse and support those affected.

Rep. Mark Wheatley

H.B. 142 Kidney Health Task Force bill creates a task force to provide recommendations on improving kidney health in Utah.

Updates on legislative bills can be found online at