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Murray hospital named in 2024 World’s Best Hospitals list

May 07, 2024 02:51PM ● By Bailey Chism

The Intermountain Medical Center in Murray placed 76 out of more than 2,000 hospitals on the 2024 World’s Best Hospital List. (Photo courtesy of Glen Beeby)

Several Utah hospitals were named in Newsweek’s rankings of 2024 World’s Best Hospitals list, but one stood out. 

Intermountain Medical Center in Murray was the highest ranked Utah hospital on the list —ranking at 76th out of 2,400 other hospitals. The list aims to highlight the best facilities each year by using a mix of methodology that evaluates quality and safety measures meant to provide a guide for patients and families in choosing healthcare services in their communities. 

“We are elated that we were named by Newsweek,” said Ralph Jean-Mary, the CEO for Intermountain Medical Center. “Being on the Newsweek listing is just fantastic and it’s just a confirmation of the amazing work that our caregivers at Intermountain Medical Center and the providers that work here do.” 

Newsweek looked at data from 2,400 hospitals across 30 countries to compile their list. The final scores were based on surveys by medical experts, patient to doctor ratios and patient satisfaction surveys. 

The Intermountain Medical Center in Murray received a score of 68.16% and it highlighted two awards the center has received—the Infection Prevention Award and Patient Experience Award. 

For three years, Intermountain Medical Center in Murray has been named one of the nation’s top 50 cardiovascular hospitals for providing excellent heart care by Fortune and PINC AI, a national healthcare quality firm. 

Aside from their score on this list, the Murray Intermountain Medical Center has proved record breaking in their amount of successful transplants. In 2023, doctors completed 414 transplants: 182 liver transplants, 198 kidney transplants, 30 heart transplants and four kidney/pancreas transplants. This is the fifth consecutive year that the Intermountain Health Transplant Program has performed a record-breaking number of adult transplants and 2024 is appearing to head for a sixth record-breaking year.

Doctors and staff at the medical center pride themselves on how they treat their patients and the effective work they do to help them. 

“About 6,000 individuals work at the Intermountain Medical Center campus and it's a testament to the work that they do day in and day out for the patients we care for,” Jean-Mary said. 

Jean-Mary said that Intermountain Health has really learned how to make services available for not just those living in Murray, but everyone in the Salt Lake Valley. Clinicians have worked to extend care over telehealth to others in the area.

Telehealth has been in development for two decades at Intermountain Health, but the pandemic has accelerated the popularity over the last three years. 

“We just challenge ourselves every day to continue to be better,” Jean-Mary said. “We use external benchmarks to know how we perform and really what matters the most is obviously the outcomes.” λ