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Wheeler Farm’s summer extravaganza: From farm fest to stargazing nights

May 07, 2024 02:55PM ● By Shaun Delliskave

Two baby goats frolic in Wheeler Farm’s barn. (Shaun Delliskave/City Journals)

With the arrival of the summer sun, Wheeler Historic Farm (6351 S. 900 East) in Murray launches its diverse array of seasonal activities designed to cater to the broad spectrum of its community’s interests. From agricultural fans and animal lovers to youthful explorers and stargazing enthusiasts, the farm has carefully crafted an array of events intended to enlighten, amuse and engage attendees.

Farm Fest: Celebrating Agricultural Roots

Kicking off the summer’s festivities, Farm Fest on May 18, offers a day-long homage to the vibrant spring life on the farm. Visitors meander through displays of historic and modern tractors, forging a connection with the tools that have sculpted agricultural practices for generations. The festival grants an up-close encounter with the farm’s diverse inhabitants, from the adorable spring offspring to the sheep undergoing their annual shearing—a demonstration shedding light on wool production’s complexities. Moreover, a mini Farmers Market preview provides a taste of local fare and crafts, supplemented by interactive activities from IFA and USU Extension, making the day enjoyable and informative. Admission is free, with various rides available for a modest fee, showcasing Wheeler Farm’s dedication to accessible agricultural education.

A Canine and Craft Celebration for Mother’s Day

On May 11, Wheeler Farm enriches Mother’s Day with a boutique event in its barn. Here, local crafters and artisans offer unique, thoughtful gifts for mothers while the farm simultaneously celebrates National Dog Mother’s Day. This pre-registered gathering features special treats for dogs, creative sessions for keepsake crafting, and plenty of photographic moments set against the farm’s idyllic backdrop. An off-leash area invites dogs to frolic freely, with a focus on the significance of responsible pet ownership through education on vaccination, etiquette and cleanliness.

Engaging Young Minds: Summer and Horse Camps

The Horse Camp, aimed at beginners aged 8-14, embarks on a comprehensive exploration of equestrian care and riding, emphasizing the profound bond between horses and humans. This experience enriches young riders with invaluable skills and memories. The Summer Camp for 6 to 10 year olds delves into the essence of farm life, featuring activities like horse riding, egg gathering and dairy tasks. This camp pledges an enriching summer of learning and adventure, echoing the farm’s mission to connect children with the wonders of nature and farming.

Wheeler Sunday Market: A Hub of Local Produce and Crafts

The Wheeler Sunday Market serves as a vibrant marketplace for local vendors to exhibit their produce, handmade foods and crafts. Active from May 19 to Oct. 13, the market not only bolsters local producers but also increases the community’s access to fresh, locally sourced items. Despite the absence of an onsite ATM, the convenience of modern payment methods is available, and the acceptance of SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks underscores the market’s commitment to making healthy, local food accessible to everyone.

Stargazing Nights: The Farm and Sky Star Party

Embracing the beauty of summer evenings, Wheeler Historic Farm, in partnership with Clark Planetarium, hosts a monthly stargazing event. Families are invited to gaze upon the starlit sky, with astronomers providing telescopes for an up-close view of planets and celestial phenomena.

Open daily during daylight hours, the farm and park invite guests to walk the farm, visit the animals, meet the dedicated farm crew and enjoy a picnic in the serene surroundings.

Farmhouse tours, offering a deeper insight into the farm’s history and operations, are available by reservation from November through May and Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., from June to October. For more information, visit λ