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Mindful Essence

835 E 4800 S
Suite 110
Murray, UT 84107

Mindful Essence provides Qigong classes and workshops in addition to Healing Qigong & Vitality Coaching online & in Salt Lake City area.

Qigong is an energetic health and wellness practice that encompasses postures, breathing techniques, flowing movements, and meditations. It is a fundamental component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), alongside acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicine. "Qi," literally meaning "vital energy," and "gong," which translates to "the skill of working with," collectively form "Qigong," representing the cultivation of life-force energy.

Qi is intrinsic to the human body, and the functions of the human body are sustained by Qi. Qi flows in our body like rivers and streams creating an intricate energetic network. Factors such as our immediate environment, lifestyle, stress, neglect of bodily signals, and suppressed emotions can disrupt this flow. These imbalances or blockages often manifest as discomfort, pain, and physical or mental ailments.

At Mindful Essence, we believe each one of us has an innate healing capacity, a potential that extends to both physical and emotional recovery. To tap into it, we just need the right activation. Healing involves re-balancing Qi flow, which in turn facilitates the regulation of physical and mental functions, creating optimal health and equilibrium.

The healing power of Qigong can be harnessed through self-practice or under the guidance of a certified practitioner. Self-practice of Qigong is accessible and straightforward, requiring no complex sequences to remember or specific expertise. However, when addressing deep-rooted, long-standing imbalances, a certified practitioner works with established Medical Qigong techniques and protocols to tackle the root cause rather than mere symptoms, thereby creating a major energy shift to facilitate profound healing.

At Mindful Essence, we teach and practice both self-practice Qigong & medical Qigong to lead you on the path of transformation and help you gain life-sustaining change. We blend our understanding of Chinese Medicine wisdom with modern science and practical applications to support you in your discovery of your ability to heal yourself.

We inspire and support you to overcome suffering and help you Embody who you truly are, Embrace your Essence & Unleash your Potential.